Kwesta’s cheating allegations on his wife cause a stir on social media.

If there is a relationship that has been a huge inspiration to a lot of couples in South Africa, it is that of Kwesta and Yonessa. The two come from afar and have shared before with the media how they struggled to get to the soft life they are living today. Their first born daughter(Khai) was born just right after their lives started levelling up because they never wanted to have children in the midst of not being able to provide enough for them. They then followed with their last born daughter(Kenya) who is currently two years old now.The two have been through a lot in as far as infidelity in the relationship is concerned.





Kwesta has been cheating on Yonessa with so many girls from the entertainment industry whilst some are his followers. Back in 2019, Kwesta felt the necessity to honour his wife with paying lobola for her and organise a white wedding for her after all the heartbreaks he caused her. After Kwesta proposed his wife again on Thursday, his side chick leaked a video of them spending time together in Mbombela. The name of this girl is Nthabiseng who resides in Mbombela and every time Kwesta has a gig that side they do meet. This has been ongoing from 2021 up until today. Kwesta released a song last year dedicated to his side chick titled “Nthabiseng”.Kwesta’s wife has once posted that her heart has carried enough pain and will not be able to anymore. She further wrote that if it causes her to file for divorce she would do so because her peace and her family’s peace comes first. Yonessa wrote that her mother once told her that if her marriage never works out she is more than welcome to come back and not settle for anything less. The post was later deleted after her close friends advised her not to share her problems on social media.