“Kwesta is posing like his taking a picture with a fan” A fan leaves Kwesta’s wife in stitches.

Being in any kind of relationship requires a lot of patience and compromise. The great relationships that are there didn’t wake up to be great, a lot of work was put into them. Most of that work meant doing something that you don’t like just because your partner likes them.

Rapper Kwesta is one of the most down to earth celebrities that we have in Mzansi. He is not about the flashy lifestyle, but living his life. The rapper has made sure to give us hits that will last us a life time. Everyone who knows the rapper knows just how much he loves his ngundu.




His beautiful wife shares moments between them as they went out wine tasting. The fact that he went wine tasting was a surprise enough. One of his fans caught on the fact that he was posing with his wife as if she’s a fan. She laughed at the comment and agreed with him. If we look at it she is his number one fan.