Kwaito dumps Skeem Saam

Now that Lehasa’s trial is over, we can finally concentrate on other aspects of the program. Everything is not as it seems.Kwaito has made the decision to leave Skeem Saam, the literacy program.

Given Kwaito’s resignation from Turfloop High School, does Clement Maosa leave Skeem Saam?Since Mzansi appeared to piece together the circumstances surrounding Clement Maosa’s departure from the drama series, he has been at the forefront of trending topics.



He has quickly become the talk of the small screen thanks to his performance as Kwaito, the character he plays on the show Skeem Saam.Mzansi has been 100% certain that the cheerful actor is saying goodbye to his on-screen persona and role since teasers allegedly stated that he was withdrawing from Turf school.

There have been rumors that Kwaito Seakamela-Maputla will resign as Turfloop High’s principal.His decision to leave stems from the fact that Mosebjadi, a Turfloop High student, kissed him.Be that as it may, Mosebjadi’s advances on him prompted his choice to stop from his situation.People are intrigued by the prospect of what would transpire following his resignation.

In addition to everything else, his contract was terminated by Principal Alfred Magongwa, who instructed him to obtain a teaching credential by the end of this month.Kwaito, who is also a published author and an engineer, is unlikely to be completely satisfied with his sister-in-law Mapitsi’s career as a published novelist.

Turfloop’s students will undoubtedly suffer greatly as a result of Kwaitos’s dismissal.We all agree that he is the best choice among the students and deserving of praise.Mosebjadi, his student, who had a crush on him, would blame herself for his departure because he had been given a written warning the week before she kissed him because she had a crush on him.

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Kwaito dumps Skeem Saam