King Monada recently posted his throw back picture and left Twitter on stitches

Khutso King Monada is a South African singer, songwriter, and record producer who goes by the stage name Steven Kgatle. His 2016 singles “Ska Bhora Moreki” and “Malwedhe,” which peaked at #9 on the iTunes Chart and #54 on the Apple Music Chart, catapulted him to popularity.





Monada is known as the Bolobedu music’s monarch. He began his musical career as a dancer in 2005. Dolly My Love was his first single, which he recorded in 2010. King Monada is the owner of the King Monada Music label.

With a net worth of R39 million, King Monada is currently one of the wealthiest and most powerful musicians in South Africa.

He is notable for singing in the Khelobedu language, which is a Northern Sotho dialect.

According to rumors, King Monada is currently involved in a polygamous relationship with two women, one of which is gospel singer Winnie Mashaba, with whom he has had no romantic contact.

After ten years and two children together, King Monada proposes to Lerato Ramawela on Valentine’s Day.