King Monada Posted a Photo Of His Beautiful House But People Noticed Something that Left Many Sad

King Monada is from Limpopo. His music has brought South Africa international attention and is played worldwide. Monada is the king of Khelobedu house music. “Ska Bhora Moreki” and “Malwedhe” brought him fame in 2016. He began singing in Khelobedu after being influenced by Limpopo musicians. Monada is a successful Limpopo musician. He’s rich.



A few months ago, his house warning party trended on social media. Monada’s village has a large mansion. His house is in Ga-Mokgoloboto Village, Tzaneen, Mopani district municipality, Limpopo, where he is a living legend. People love him because he didn’t move to Sandyon after becoming famous like other singers. Monada built in his hometown because it’s affordable.

Monada posted a photo of himself enjoying his home’s balcony. The balcony had stylish couches. Social media users zoomed in on the photo and noticed something interesting. The house next to King Monada’s looks shabby. The residents seem to be living in poverty next to a millionaire. This disappointed many. Some suggested he help his neighbors.