King Monada left people in stitches in his latest post about a pitbull he allegedly reported

Khutso Steven Kgatle, better after his own by his stage name King Monada, is a South African singer, songwriter, and record producer. He rose to fame after the release of his 2016 singles “Ska Bhora Moreki” and “Malwedhe” (2018), which peaked at #9 iTunes Chart and #54 Apple Music Chart. He is known for singing in the Khelobedu language, which is the local dialect Of Northern Sotho.





As we know that Pitbulls are one of the most dangerous dogs, and people have been asking the government to do something about them because a month will never pass without hearing that someone was attacked by a pit bull. So the government took it upon itself to take a decision and make sure that Pitbulls are taken away. A few days ago there was a message shared on all social media platforms where a reward of R1500 will be issued to anyone who will report a house that owns a pitbull.

King Monada also got the message and decided to do the right thing. King Monada took to his social media account to share that he reported a pitbull but what happened will shock you. Below is what King Monada shared that left people in stitches.

Translating what King Monada wrote he says he reported a pit bull, but he was told to bring it. How is possible that when someone reports a pitbull they tell them to bring it? People know that pitbulls are dangerous how do you bring something as big as a pitbull, again people who are reporting Pitbulls must remain anonymous because number one, no one will say yes it’s fine you can take my pitbull and report it.

If what King Monada is saying is true, then this thing of reporting Pitbulls won’t work, they need to change their system, because this won’t work. But going through the comments people started making fun of King Monada following his post. See what people had to say.