King Monada is not following gender equality for hiring his crew. People on Twitter are not happy

King Monada shared a picture of his crew and left many people wondering if he is aware of gender equality. He can not have a crew that consists of only females. If it was the opposite gender, it would have made things very huge and he would have been trolled over it. Life is about going 50/50, and it is something he knows surely.

He can’t be joking about it, but then, at the end of the day, it is his decision. People may lash out as much as they can under his timeline tweet, but if he is not aware of anything wrong, he will not have to worry. Everyone looks happy and they are looking to have a good time. They went out somewhere.


Since they are working with King Monada, they are doing their jobs, and it means that he does have a lot to do with so many crew members for his musical career. Most of the time, people will have one manager to make sure that everything is done very well and King Monada will not miss something. It is good that he has people working for him.

They don’t have to depend on someone for money, and in that way, they will be able to maintain their own lifestyle. It is something that people should be encouraged to do. People can’t listen to Doro Mongy for being dependent on their partners. That is why she se more irritated with partners who fail to provide their partners as expected, financially.

After all, he has the decision to choose with whom they will be working together. Just as he does in the studio, he will select or invite the other musicians he wants to work on the project. MacG was also aware of his crew and that is why he added the females to the podcast, but they will have to decide how they are going to handle the trolls.