King Monada give Dr Malinga his flowers in a heartfelt post

He is grateful to Dr Malinga

King Monada has taken it to social media to share what Dr Malinga has taught him over the years. He respects Dr Malinga because he has been in the industry for many years than him he has more experience than him. King Monada reveals that Dr Malinga taught him not to depend on other people, because they will always disappoint him. He further says that Dr Malinga taught him to stand on himself and he will never be disappointed, that is why he is giving him his flowers while he is still alive.



He loves Dr Malinga because he is one of the artists who work very hard for everything that they have. His support definitely means a lot, King Monada shows appreciation that everything Dr Malinga taught him he is doing it and learning from it every single day. It is beautiful to see South African artist being united like this, Dr Maling really brought everyone together in order to help each other as celebrities. Hopefully this is lesson to many artists out there to be careful with their money, because people will get tired of sending donations to artists. Dr Malinga can now say that he has true friends.

Dr Malinga said he had no one during the time when SARS took his property. Now everyone is definitely feeling ashamed because he once helped them but they couldn’t do the same. King Monada always has a good hard and supporting everyone who is going through difficulty. Few days ago King Monada wanted to help a woman with a pregnancy photoshoot because everyone was laughing at her on social media. King Monada has a big heart and the time will come for him where his fans will have to appreciate him as well.