Kim’s family accepts Maseko as their new son-in-law

Kim told her family about the relationship she has with Maseko. She told them because she dis not want them to worry about her on where she is. Kims is the new girlfriend of Maseko. Maseko is living the life that he has always wanted with Kim.

Kim’s grandmother tells Maseko that she didn’t know that he looked handsome in person. He says he looks different than being on television. Kim’s grandmother praised Maseko for being the man that he is to Kim. Maseko cannot stop smiling when he sees Kim.




Kim’s is now ready to move in with Maseko but before she does, Dabula made her wash blankets that she is going to sleep with while she lives with them under one roof. Viewers feels that Dabula is being intimidated by Kim because of her beauty and the love that Maseko has for her.