Khwezikazi makes a daring move to teach Lehasa a lesson

Khwezikazi makes a daring move to teach Lehasa a lesson, because she discovered that Lehasa stays with Pretty Seakamela

Khwezi was thinking that things will be fine between her and Lehasa Maphosa, because currently she is pregnant, so now she noticed that Lehasa Maphosa wants to be with pretty Seakamela.



Khwezi is very angry and she wants to make Lehasa Maphosa to pay, remember Lehasa and Khwezi planned to be with a baby, but suddenly Lehasa change, so now Khwezi gone to the police station because she wants to tell Peterson a full story about everything Lehasa Maphosa did to her friend and Fannie Maserumule.

And Khwezi has evidence can make Lehasa Maphosa to go to the police station for a long time because there are lots of the things happen the moment they were together

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