Khwezi Left Disappointed After She Found Out That Lehasa Was Calling His Ex Girlfriend

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In any event, when your significant other no longer thinks often about you, there’s dependably that one relative from your better half’s family who stay on your side regardless of the , that is uncle Phomolo for Khwezi. Notwithstanding Lehasa picking Pretty again and again, uncle Phomolo actually consider Khwezi to be their Makoti, and he is the person who demanded that Khwezi ought to be hitched.





We gain some significant knowledge from Lehasa’s circle of drama. Lehasa paid over R100 000 as lobola for Khwezi, however he cherishes Pretty, and she’s the one he thinks often about. Occasionally when an individual burns through large chunk of change on you, it doesn’t be guaranteed to mean they are infatuated with you.

The red long sleeve shirt that uncle Phomolo was wearing got mzansi ridiculing him. The shirt closely resembles the shirts that Fight workers wear, so watchers were like since when did he become a Fight Representative.

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