Khwezi Is In Big Trouble After She sends A Man To Kill Pretty See What’s Going To Happen To Her


Lehasa and Pretty looked incredible together. Pretty had a magnificent dress on. The exceptional couple looked great.




All by virtue of Peterson, Pretty would be dead or injured by Khwezi’s professional killer. Unfortunately for Khwezi Peterson was onto her. Khwezi should basically recognize that she lost. She should moreover appreciate that killing Pretty won’t make Lehasa love her. She will be squashed when she sorts out that her principal objective to kill Pretty didn’t work out.

Preferably Khwezi will be caught and Pretty will be merry without dealing with the tricky Khwezi. With Khwezi distant Pretty and Lehasa will get to participate in their reverence together. Khwezi made her own bed, She ought to consider it.

I can’t resist the urge to contemplate how Khwezi will answer when she hears that the professional killer she utilized to kill Pretty is caught. I derive we will just have to look out on Mondays what happens.

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