Khwezi Is In Big Trouble After Lehasa Waked Up See What’s Going To Happen

Pretty Seakamela’s life is in peril on the grounds that right now Lehasa Maphosa notice her twice,it is certain that Lehasa cherishes pretty Seakamela not Khwezikwazi,so Khwezikwazi is figuring out how to obliterate pretty Seakamela,she was attempting to employ a criminal to make her vanish, yet her main goal comes up short, so presently she will look for one more method for managing Pretty.




Khwezikwazi was imagining that Lehasa Maphosa will bite the dust and she will approach pretty, so her arrangements didn’t go the manner in which she arranged, at the initial time when Lehasa Maphosa notice pretty Seakamela Khwezikwazi was irate, yet she was feeling that Lehasa will not get out emergency clinic alive.

Pretty Seakamela must be cautious in light of the fact that presently her life is at serious risk, and she understands what sort of individual Khwezikwazi is, recall that she once captured her, so presently she will do anything assuming she get an opportunity in light of the fact that Pretty destroyed her marriage.

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