Khwezi Is Feeling Happy Because She’s Going To Stay With Lehasa And Pretty Will Go Back Home

The circumstance in the Maphosa family is beginning to be tense after they have paid lobola to the Khwezi family the previous evening, and it seems to be this couple will at long last get back on one another after they have gone through an extreme period that they had.

She won this second round after Lehasa chose to move with her to Joburg so he can save the existence of his youngster, after the show that they had with him previously.





Yet, they are as yet confronting an immense danger where they can wind up going to jail because of the homicide of Fannie, who was killed last year by Lehasa, and Khwezi has been attempting to cover the proof since the police associated Lehasa with killing him.

Watchers have been showing responses of late where they feel that Khwezi should be rebuffed for what she has done to Pretty, and perhaps she myght be shipped off jail so Lehasa can be with Pretty.