Khwezi Got Herself In Trouble In #SkeemSaam. Here’s What Lehasa’s Uncle Will Do To Her In #SkeemSaam

Imagine if Kwezi had stabbed the entire indomitable and unconquerable Lehasa for cheating on her. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse for Lehasa, along comes Khezikazi to steal the spotlight. After reading this, I understand why Lehasa predicted that he and Kwezi would eventually fail.

However, Pietersen did not impress the Mzansi crowd very much.




However, the scene as a whole didn’t convince. Pretty was simply too clean to be the culprit but Khwezi was all over the place and making sure everyone believes her talk about Lehasa. After the first stab, he put up no resistance and quickly collapsed.

Phomolo doesn’t buy the version of Khwezikazi. Uncle Phomolo was never convinced by Khwezi’s story about him and Pretty because Lehasa had previously filled him in on the details.

The only person who knows the truth is Phomolo. He has way too much information about Lehasa and Pretty’s relationship and knows that Lehasa was anticipating Pretty’s arrival and had even set up a romantic picnic in his room.

Khwezi, whom Phomolo is aware of, is likely on her way home in her car. Khwezi is at Lehasa’s house in the final minutes before her flight home, but she has completely forgotten about it. Phomolo is Pretty’s only hope, so long as he’s around. Khwezi’s statement has loopholes even Magongwa can see that.

Our greatest worry is that Khwezi will use his blackmailing skills to force the Bandas to make Pretty their scapegoat. They should check Pretty’s phone for her interactions with Lehasa. I wish Lehasa can wake up and be brave enough to confess the truth when he wakes up. Khwezi must reveal the facts to either the authorities or his uncle, both of whom are aware of his secret.