Khwezi Got Herself In Trouble In #SkeemSaam. Here’s What Lehasa’s Uncle Will Do To Her In #SkeemSaam

Envision Kwezi harmed areas of strength for the, I mean the entire distant and diligent Lehasa for undermining her. Right when I was thinking Lelo is the most obviously horrendous individual that has whenever happened to Lehasa then Khezikazi comes and take the honor. Before long I get Lehasa when he said him and Kwezi will not persevere since they are near.

In any case, mzansi were bit dampened by Pietersen though.The entire scene wasn’t persuading. Pretty was excessively amazing to perhaps be in any way the responsible party in the mean time Khwezi was wild and ensuring everybody trusts in her discussion about Lehasa. First harming he was gone don’t no battle anything.



Phomolo doesn’t buy the variety of Khwezikazi. Uncle Phomolo didn’t buy Khwezi story from the beginning on the grounds that Lehasa has proactively come clean with him about him and Pretty.

The super individual who comprehends the fact of the matter is Phomolo. He knows a ton about the relationship among Lehasa and Pretty and he besides comprehend that Lehasa was hoping to see Pretty as he even organized certifiable grill in his room.

Phomolo additionally comprehend that Khwezi ought to be on her way driving home. Khwezi is failing to remember that she should be on a plane getting back and reasonably actually she’s at Lehasa’s place. Phomolo is the super individual who can save Pretty. Khwezi’s statement has move away from stipulations even Magongwa can see that.

Our most conspicuous tension is Khwezi coercing the Banda family and Pretty changing into the picture of reparation. They ought to truly look at Pretty’s telephone for her experiences with Lehasa. I wish Lehasa can mix and be enough gallant to come clean when he blends. Despite the way that Khwezi knows his confounding to he should admit all with the police or his uncle.