Khuwula continues to call Lerato Kganyago “Bonang lite.” Check the comment from Musa

Musa Khuwula remains and continues to annoy Lerato Kganyago by referring to her as Bonang lite. On Sunday, Musa Khuwula tweeted that he was not going to accept agreeing to anything, but he did not reveal what it was happening around him. Chris Excel, as usual, was on the matter and the response was that he should start with Lerato and the hotel. At that time, it was not confirmed, but later on, it was.


As continues to tweet Bonang lite and that must have been coming maybe from chats. It must have happened on social media, because if it would not be about them meeting in person. Lerato Kganyago would have taken it further with the law. But then it is not simple because she is not able to locate the person behind the social media account, which is very large.



He also almost tried to get into a legal fight with DJ Sbu, but the moment he got to Johannesburg, he decided to let it go. Musa does host spaces on Twitter where they are talking about what is happening in the country. Most of the time, it is about famous people and having to live a private lifestyle.

But he is able to drop files on them. As for Lerato, it was very big and she was not doing well with it because it was bullying. Musa does not have any intentions of stopping and he should learn from what has happened to Chris Excel. What goes around comes back around. What you do to others is not good and you don’t stop. It will happen to you.

It was Chris Excel, who is still hated, but it is not easy to win again against him. Now Musa has got himself one person who has made it clear that she hates him, Lerato. The Bonang lite continued because it is now revealed that the hotel she stayed at during Valentine’s Day does not own it.