Khuli Chana’s wife reunites with her little brother after two years of not seeing him.

As we grow up life turns out in its own way. We grow up with our siblings but life forces us to spread our wings without them. Which is very hard because we’ve spent forever with them. Now we have to live life without them. It is not an easy thing to do.

Lamiez Holworthy is a dj and radio presenter. She works on Metro FM on Saturdays alongside Lulo Cafe. She’s a first born from three children. She’s very close with her family, with her mother being her manager. She has two other siblings Lariez and Lush.






Her brother, who happens to be only boy, was in the USA for two years. This means that she hasn’t seen her brother in two years. He is a photographer and chef, which he was doing there. He is currently back in the country and she shared pictures with him. They must be very overwhelmed to see him. Two years is a long time.