Khuli Chana’s wife leaves her fans speechless with recent pictures.

Every color is associated to a specifi age but gone are those days where one can’t wear a specific color. Young, old , male or female, it doesn’t matter as long as you look good and confident. That’s why we see grown people wearing animated clothes with no care in the world.






Lamiez Holworthy is one of the most successfully djs in the country. Her sets are always amazing to watch because she dances to the music. She’s radio and television presenter as well and exels very well in her work. She’s known for referring referring herself as a young adult, so much that she still wears animated outfits.

She’s shared beautiful pictures of herself wearing all jeans with a touch of pink there and there. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over because she always makes every outfit. What buffels her fans is that she dresses herself. She must open a seminar one day.