Khuli Chana’s wife and her little sister leaves their fans gushing over them.

Every parent wishes to see their children getting along and having each other’s back. You know your job as a parent is done. When you leave this world they will look after each other. It is just a small wish that most siblings fulfil. You know you have a bestfriend for life.

Lamiez Holworthy is a hardworking dj, radio and television presenter. She’s presented on Live Amp and is currently on Metro FM where she’s on Saturday. She’s amongst some of the most booked djs in the country. Fans love how she dances to her sets and making it fun.




She’s the eldest out of three children. She has a little sister Lariez whom she’s very close with. She’s shared banging pictures of her and Lariez. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over them. Their mother must be proud of how close they are. Any parent would definitely be proud of them. She has beautiful children.