Khuli Chana ‘s hot wife DJ Lamiez Holworthy touched fans with a beautiful snap of her mother

Khuli Chana is married to a breathingtakingly gorgeous woman , her beauty is undeniably pronouncing and her fashion sense is remarkably cool.


She is a woman of wonder , a really unique individual who is a very interesting and captivating character .







She is a DJ and the famous female DJ with tattoos who also happens to be a biker , everything about Khuli Chana’s wife is simply cool.

She is a televison presenter , radio presenter , model and a multi dimensional artistic individual who is a beacon of uniqueness in the media industry of South Africa.

DJ Lamiez Holworthy that’s her name a decorated media personality who is doing the most in show business through her elegance and creativity.

Khuli Chana is an auspicious guy to have such a woman as a wife , l mean she is a powerhouse and together they are a power couple.

In her recent lnstagram post Lamiez celebrates the most important person in her life, her mother and together they took an adorable photo look fashionably cool.