Khuli Chana had this to say about her wife Lamiez Holworthy after posting this picture

Khuli Chana is a South African rapper who was has produced the best hit songs in the past, with songs such as “Tswa daar”, Hape le Hape and many others. He is also married to Lamiez Holworthy who is a South African DJ and TV presenter who has featured on live AMP.

The Tswa Daar hit maker recently posted a picture on social media of him and his wife. After posting this picture he wrote a caption which said that he was getting lost in the spaces with her gorgeous wife.



This clearly showed here that Khuli Chana and his wife were enjoying each other’s company here. His wife also responded to what he said in this caption.

People also shared their love for this beautiful couple, as people clearly showed that they loved seeing them together.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing what Khuli Chana said after posting this picture.

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