Khuli Chana and his wife Lamiez Holyworth celebrate their anniversary.

Love is beautiful and it should be celebrated at all times. We are living in an Era where marriage is underrated and people are not respecting the union. That’s why we take anything that has to do with inspiring people that love does exist. Everyone has a person out there.

Khuli Chana is one of the legendary rappers that we have in Mzansi. The Motswako originator has.paves path for most of the rapper that we have now. He is now a producer and owns a studio as well. The rapper is happily married to award winning dj and television presenter Lamiez Holyworth.


The two have been married since 2019. They are amongst some of the couples that inspire us with their love. Today they are celebrating their anniversary and the dj has decided to add Khuli Chana’s surname to her bio on Instagram. She’s now Lamiez Holyworth-Morule. These two deserve everything that makes them happy. Their love is beautiful to watch.