Khelina From DiepCity Actress Left Fans Gobsmacked with Her Gorgeous Pictures Looking Beautiful.


Self-confidence is a feeling of self-assurance from appreciating your unique qualities and abilities. It’s that inner belief that you are enough and inherently worthy. Confident people don’t need validation from others to acknowledge their achievements. Instead, they act like their own cheerleaders and trust their inner compass to guide them where they want to go.

When it comes to the topic of fashion, plus- and midsize creators haven’t always been synonymous with the industry. But gone are those days. Ahead, the South African Plus Size Influencer is recently creating inspiration for generations to come and proving that fashion is for all. Lettie Lebohang Mpyane truly encapsulates all that is feminine, chic, and fun.

She is full of force, boldness and certainty female who touch her hefty size body without shame or embarrassment of thoughts of needing to be something else. Being kind to your body in any given moment won’t change your body in that moment it is only the way you feel about being in your body will change. Besides her career, her body weight has always been on point of interest as she is embracing her beauty.


She is a style icon in the making; the model/content creator can be seen with different types of clothes while her instagram acts as the ultimate cool-girl inspiration. known for her incredible taste in style and interiors. Her content is filled with humor, personality, and inspiration, making her a firm favorite on our must-follow list.

She is a superwoman and phenomenal female who consistently keeps an intense but staggering look in the vast majority of her appearance with her capturing hairstyle that gives her extraordinary vibe. The incredible entertainer has figured out how to catch the hearts of many people in mzanzi through her vocation.

Many people in mzanzi acknowledge her as Khelina from Diep City yet her genuine name is Lebohang Mpyana. She is a talented and surprising entertainer who has figured out an acceptable method for wowing Mzansi with her phenomenal acting limits. Her work Khelina on Mzansi Magic show Diep City has made soapie watchers to go absolutely crazy for her.

She looked delightfully stylish looking and other-worldly in the exquisitely cute black and white outfit and a couple of originator conceals. Lebohang displayed she is a confident hefty plus size woman who has a faultless desire for clothing and a refined feeling of style. She is a very attractive person whose design posts are a hit with the fans in the city of web-based entertainment in South Africa.


She has been in the fashion industry for more than a decade, inspiring hundreds of thousands of individuals with her cool and luxurious approach to fashion, while being a world-class content creator, fashion Model, creative consultant. It’s understandable to see why she’s an industry favorite on our must-follow list.

Lebohang Mpyana is prominently identified South African energetic Perfomer who is taking social media by storms with her proper abilities and remarkable hefty size looks. She is well known for assuming the part on DiepCity drama collection on mzanzi magic dstv and on that character she is conveying her acting abilities well. She is fine respected to depicting the personality of Khelina.

Born and raised in Limpopo, she knew without any doubt that her destiny was in acting, even though she didn’t know how the then far-fetched dream would happen. Where she is from in Ga-Mokgokong in Moletjie Village, being on national tv doesn’t sound too realistic.

She is additionally recognized as a Theatre Artist, Mc for events and she is a multi-proficient south Africa public figure, Comedienne, Singer and Actress. She is famously address herself as Sekwatakwata and she is beat in making people laugh through her comeduc videos and she sometimes making jokes about her big body.

She recently left darlings bewildered with her magnificent look in a stylish outfit looking phenomenal. What’s your thoughts about her flawlessness? Kindly offer your opinion on her recent pictures by leaving a remark underneath and remember to click share button.