Khanyi Mbau on her skin lightening journey

Khanyi Mbau has taken to her Insta-stories to announce that she would no longer be going dark again.

The star made it known that she was tired of using the products in the market hinting that they were becoming too dangerous.

However, in this week’s latest episode of “The Art of Skin Lightening,” Khanyi says that she will be getting back to the skin lightening game very soon.

Khanyi went on to ask her fans what they wanted her to address on the next episode of skin lightning and they responded in multitudes, with many of them asking questions ranging from what products are the best to use to even why she decided to bleach her skin.

In response, she said, “Same way you bleach your hair, wear a blonde wig, add lashes to your African eyelid or add extension to your naturally short African hair.”