Kgosi was about to scam Eunice but her ancestors said not today Satan

Eunice went to a party with Ash and Kgosi. While at the party she got on stage and the crowd loved her. She made a hot rhyming scheme and they loved it too. When she got to her apartment she had a brilliant idea, she figured that why would she stay with her angel voice and not let the world hear it. She wanted to create an album called ‘Executive Decision’. Kgosi came up with a plan to scam Eunice, he told her that he would trade for her while she was busy recording in the studio.


Ash did not like the idea because he could see that Kgosi was up to no good but he couldn’t say anything because he knows that Eunice does not take nonsense. While Eunice and Ash were out, Kgosi tried to log in Eunice’s computer so that he could access the money but her father came in time. Talk about luck. Kgosi had to abort his mission because Eunice’s father was with him in the house.Source: