Kganyago Wants To Speed Up The Process Of Marrying Thobakgale

Sources: Mr. Kganyago will be beaten suddenly, Lizzy has the latest information about him at this point. He won’t realize until much later that Lizzy really acted before he got some information about his late partner.




Mr. Kganyago claims that his partner kicked the can in 2008, but his fictitious girlfriend said it in 2010. Jacobeth is informed by Mr. Kganyago that he could manage without Lizzy because she represents an excessive number of requests. Mr Kganyago will get found out, on the grounds that he isn’t administering this match like he acknowledged he was.

It will be amazing to see Jacobeth saved from this by her daughter. Everything Mr. Kganyago does impedes Jacobeth in the public eye. Lizzy essentials to get a couple of information about Mr Kganyago and save her mom before turning around is excessively far. She should look for a covert inspector.

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