Kelly Rowland’s Son Alot Like Jay-Z And People Are talk On Social Media.

It’s clear that South Africans like making fun of American singer Kelly Rowland. She hasn’t responded to the numerous comments they have left on her most recent Twitter tweet, but she is undoubtedly feeling rather irritated right now. The singer posted a photo of herself with her two young sons, Titan and Noah Weatherspoon, and soon several neighbors began comparing one of her sons to BeyoncĂ© Knowles’ husband Jay Z.

Even local media personality Sol Phenduka got in on the fun by joking that Titan looks a lot like the former member of Destiny Child’s brother-in-law.





After Anele called Kelly ugly, the epic fight sparked a heated debate between South African and American Twitter users, who were forced to take sides.

SA tweeps have once more bombarded Kelly Rowland with remarks about how her kid Titan resembles legendary rapper Jay Z, indicating that they are ready for another argument.

Everything began when the singer posted a picture of her and her two sons on social media.

The child’s resemblance to Jay Z was quickly noted by Tweeps, especially those from South Africa. While some of them urged Kelly to tell the truth, others stood up for her.