Kelly Khumalo’s son Knows Senzo’s Killer? See what he said when he saw them on TV, unbelievable.

The justice system in South Africa is untrustworthy, according to the general public. In the Pretoria High Court, Senzo Meyiwa’s murder trial continues, but many people are skeptical.

This is due to the fact that there are numerous theories concerning who killed the coach of the Bafana Bafana. The five men on trial have even been accused by some of being “framed” by the police. Many Bafana Bafana fans believe that a professional hitman would not kill the star in front of a large crowd.

People believe that Senzo’s death was caused by one of the witnesses who saw him die. On October 26, 2014, Senzo Meyiwa was shot and killed in Vosloorus, South Africa, at the home of his girlfriend’s mother. Senzo’s death was seen by a household of seven adults. Intruders tried to rob the singer, according to witnesses, including Kelly.

My son took care of the assassin of Senzo Meyiwa. One user submitted a video of Kelly Khumalo saying her son knows who the murderers are in the midst of a lot of talk about the Senzo Meyiwa trial. Moja Love’s host, Jub Jub, is the father of a son named Christian. When Senzo died, he was just three years old.

When eNCA spoke to Kelly in 2018 about her son, she remarked, “My son recalls Senzo.” In the event that he isn’t ready, I’ll tell a narrative to entertain him till he is. One day, he was watching television and commented, “I don’t like those uncles.” They murdered him. The man was there. People and their appearances are etched in his mind. It’s still with him today because of that recollection.

Ayanda Allie Paine’s mission was to inquire regarding Kelly’s claim that guys were there at the party. No further inquiries were asked of her regarding them. Senzo Meyiwa was assassinated by an unknown assailant. Kelly Khumalo’s son is a popular topic of speculation in South Africa. The rest of the students are wondering if Kelly has something to hide from them..

Senzo Meyiwa: Murder of a Soccer Star follows a murder trial, which is taking place at the same time as the Netflix film. There are a lot of people on Twitter who believe that Kelly knows more than she is prepared to reveal. After Christian Khumalo observed what happened, Kelly Khumalo refused to let him tell the police about what he had seen. Even so, there have been reports that some people recall that.

@TTigersstor: They didn’t do a good job of handling this aspect of the interview. Take into account the fact that Kelley had specifically requested she not allow her son to tell a sketch artist about the assassins. A tweet from @Pinks34815884 reads: In my opinion, it’s a significant problem that Kelly did not want her kid to be interviewed. When children speak their minds, they speak from the heart.

Kelly Khumalo does not want her son, the primary witness, to speak to the police about the incident. Khumalo It’s up to you to figure out why. Fear of him seeing Jub Jub could be another reason. Her Twitter account is keeping a secret.