Kelly Khumalo’s Sister Zandile Speaks On An Interview About Senzo Mayiwa’s Death

Senzo Mayiwa’s death has been one of the unsolved cases here in South Africa where people still have many questions about what really happened during the night he was shot dead, especially because he was surrounded by so many people when it all took place, but he is the only one who lost his life during the altercation.


Senzo Mayiwa was dating South African singing star Kelly Khumalo during that time. It’s been almost seven to eight years since his passing, and the people who are responsible for ending his life have not yet been found. The pirate captain lost his life while he was at Kelly Khumalo’s home, while Kelly’s sister and her boyfriend were present, and others as well. And because of the fact that other people were present when he lost his life, it has raised many questions and accusations against Kelly and everyone else who was present at that moment.





Many of those who are Senzo’s fans assume that Kelly and everyone else who was present at that time knew exactly what had happened and they just did not want to tell the truth. Especially since many believe that the killer might have been in the house with them.


Kelly Khumalo’s sister has finally come out to speak about Senzo’s death at an interview, and she stated that she and her family are still being blamed for nothing, and they will no longer believe the police anymore because while they are doing these investigations, they are telling lies. She also questioned why the police were not informing the public that she and her family were also taken for a lie detector test and that they passed the test. She also continued to say she saw no reason for Kelky to hire a hitman because there was nothing her sister would gain from his death.


And she stated that if they claimed the murderer was in the house, why did they not state who it was? They might have arrested the wrong people for his murder as well.