Kelly Khumalo’s Sister Wants Senzo Meyiwa’s Wife To Be Investigated, See This

Now, there might be some attempts to drive a certain narrative on the Senzo Meyiwa story and there is really no telling if the people who were mentioned by Zandie Khumalo during her interview will react or not.

Obviously, the one necessary thing to do when one is being accused of a serious crime is to set the record straight and give some clarification.





People expect Senzo Meyiwa’s wife, Mandisa to say something about what Zandie said and Senzo’s family will definitely not take this lightly.

After all, this is their late son’s name that keeps coming up recklessly, it seems like the Khumalos are trying to test the waters with last night’s interview.

According to Zandie, their family finds this whole issue tiring because this is all that people talk about whenever their names come up, this is something that is attached to them and they cannot help it.

In a way, it is understandable why she would take the approach to tell the country to look elsewhere.

As you might have heard, she said that they police have been looking in the same place for the past eight years, they have not found anything, so they should explore other options.

Again, this is valid, Zandie wants the police to start looking at Mandisa and actually investigate her as much as they were investigated.

One could say that this makes sense and maybe it does, but this could also mean that people will start seeing Mandisa in a different light and make endless assumptions, which could be what the Khumalos want.

And the thing about this is that, there might not be any arrests made, but based on the information that is known so far, a lot of people are convinced that they do not have to suspect Mandisa of anything.

This whole matter really makes it hard not to lose hope, especially in this instance, the country has been stuck in the same place, no one has taken any accountability for Senzo’s death.

It has been a while since we had people get back to questioning why the people in the house have contradicting stories, but it is happening again.

All that we have to wait for at this point is the reaction from Mandisa and she will most likely have something to say because staying quiet will raise unnecessary suspicion.

Unfortunately, the whole drama on the side will not end and this is will only spark more mixed reactions from the public, mostly about the Meyiwa family.

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