Kelly Khumalo’s children are growing up, looking like their fathers

Maybe Kelly was right when she said they hate the fact that she is the one who did not die that night. If she was the one who got shot dead would mzansi blame Senzo the way they are blaming Kelly? Well there’s no need to answer that.





Kelly has got a fantastic dating history that mzansi loves to talk about. She has many times been blamed for the bad things that happened to the people she dated. Mzansi think dating her its a bad omen. But she is one of the bold people you may come across.

She has two children, a son named Christian whose father is Uyajola9/9 presenter Jub Jub, and a daughter named Thingo who is a Meyiwa. She posted pictures of her children on Instagram and everyone could see they look like their fathers. Christian took his father’s eyes so badly and Thingo on the other hand looks exactly like Senzo. See the pictures below

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