Kelly Khumalo Was Spotted At A Hotel In WestCliff, See What She Was There For

Kelly Khumalo is living her best life and a lot of people cannot help, but regularly get updates on what she has been up to, the fans and haters are very much aware of what has been happening lately.

It seems like the focus for the singer has been the family these days, she is spending quite a lot of time with her children and people close to her.

Now, we cannot make any assumptions about anything, but the hints are always there, she is doing so much and acting like someone who wants to spend as much time as she can as if she might get away from it all.

And in this instance, it could be something that she has always done, but some people seem to be sure that there is more that is questionable about the singer.




We know that her career keeps her busy, it is not clear what is odd about what she does on a daily basis. As expected, Kelly was looking stunning recently and people might have already seen her pictures where she was at the Four Seasons hotel in Westcliff, Johannesburg.

Strangely, it is always a big thing when one sees Kelly somewhere, there was a lot of reaction from people when she was at the mall.

She was seen at a hotel this time around and she also decided to post some pictures on Instagram, it turns out that the singer was out for lunch with her family.

With everything that has been happening, it seems like Kelly enjoys to get people guessing why she does certain things, it is not always about her glamorous life, there is always a SUBLIMINAL message.

After all these years, people are still angry with her as they were in 2014, for some people, nothing has changed and this is part of her life.

There is the hate that Kelly will always know about whenever she is on social media and people will even go to her page to make sure that she knows that they still hate her.

Some of the experiences she goes through are unfortunate, but she seems strong enough to handle it all and up until now, she has not let people bring her down.

She keeps doing her thing, some people love her for that, but this also makes some people more angry because they feel like they deserve answers from Kelly.

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