Kelly Khumalo Was Spotted Again, See Where She Was

Remember seeing a video of singer, Kelly Khumalo at a mall sometime ago, where she was walking with two body guards? Well, there is another video that is out on the socials and it has proven that Kelly has been out and about, but as usual, there are concerns.

There were claims that the singer is not trying to avoid anything when it comes to the Senzo Meyiwa trial, she is willing to be cooperative if there is a need to.

We have not exactly seen what we want to see because of the delays that happened, but things might turn out differently this time.

And obviously, all eyes are on Kelly and she knows this very well, hence she has kind of found her way to send her message whenever she is on the spotlight as a result of this case.

She has done this through music, she has also said some things on her reality show and now that the show is back for another season, people are probably eager to know what she will say next, especially when it comes to the late soccer star, Senzo Meyiwa.

Now, there is so much happening, and people just had to react to what Kelly has been up to, she was recently in Gqeberha for a show and people came out in numbers.


This must have been an assurance for her that people still love her and her music and this is how it should be.

There is a video of her posted two days ago, where she was at the airport, probably flying back home after the show she had in Gqeberha, the night before.

In the video, the singer is seen being assisted by a bodyguard to get out of the car and she gets out with her Gucci bag and expensive looking coat.

One would say that Kelly is doing what she needs to do in the midst of all the noise, she is performing music for the fans.

While she is at it, she is promoting her song, Bazokhuluma and some people have a problem that her life is continuing as if nothing happened.

Sometimes, she probably wishes that people could just stop constantly dragging her into all of this, but she is part of it.

As long as the trial is ongoing, the names of those who were in the house will come up every now and then and it is only expected that Kelly’s name comes up more often, she is the baby mama.

Some people enjoy the entertainment aspect of this and it seems like Kelly has no problem feeding the news seekers what they want.

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