Kelly Khumalo suspected to have caused Advocate Teffo’s withdrawal from the case


Some people of South Africa have suspected that the well-known gospel artist Kelly Khumalo could have had a hand in the well-known advocate Teffo withdrawing from the case today.


This is following after she made a statement saying that those who have to step down should do it as of now rather than later because they will be wiped out.

Many people in South Africa have been suspecting this woman saying that she could’ve been having a hand in her husband’s murder, though there were some people who said that she did not do that.

However she remains innocent until proven guilty by the courts because as it stands she’s not arrested which means that she’s not guilty at any point now.

People should make sure that they refrain from spreading fake news, because when they do that they damage the reputation of the artist for something she believes she’s innocent for.