Kelly Khumalo Silences Jub-Jub after he accused her of using Muti

Jub made frightening charges against Kelly, guaranteeing that she utilizes muti to trap men. He uncovered this in a meeting on Web recording and Chill With MacG. The Uyajolala 9/9 host Amanda Du Pont, whom he professes to have dated, left him due to Kelly’s muti.

“It’s not news that she utilizes muti. Everyone realizes she utilizes muti, and I surmise she utilized that for me to remain with her,” he said. Mzansi was left shaken by these wild charges and Twitter clients were infuriated over his supposed maltreatment against Kelly. A few Twitter clients condemned him for not discussing the supposed attack that left Kelly swollen. Pictures of Kelly’s swollen face reemerged via web-based media leaving Mzansi shook.



Jub talked about his longing to have a relationship with his child in Macintosh G’s meeting. “Please, I really want my kid. The kid needs his dad and kindly would we be able to meet as soon as possible and we can resolve the issue of the kid and whatever other issue that you wish to address. I need to put our diverse television signals to the side for the kid,” he said. As indicated by Kelly on her unscripted TV drama, she had become weary of asking Jub and his family to partake in Christian’s life.

“I’ve attempted and when Christian gets more seasoned he will know. I mean his mature enough to recollect that I referenced specific things with him since I was attempting to put forth an attempt for him to have a dad in his life. I’m cleaning up. I have had enough,” said Khumalo

Kelly has been staying out of other people’s affairs notwithstanding the entire catastrophe and on her Instagram, she posted a video of herself singing a gospel tune.