Kelly Khumalo says Senzo’s family used him as a cash cow & they did not love him

Kelly Khumalo has revealed a number of startling details regarding the manner in which she is connected to Senzo Meyiwa’s family. This is demonstrated in the first episode of the singer’s third season of the Showmax Original reality show Life With Kelly Khumalo, which premiered on Tuesday after a long wait.

In this dramatic episode, Kelly rejects her ex-boyfriend Jub Jub’s greeting for Mother’s Day and causes Somizi to tears at her first gospel concert since she was locked up. She also discusses the fact that there are moments when she needs help parenting their daughter and leans on her ex-husband Senzo for assistance, as well as how the deceased soccer star’s family “just loved him for his money.”See the source image




At a restaurant in Sandton called Alto234, Kelly has a conversation with her best friend Wanda Baloyi in which she discusses how shocked she was when Senzo’s mother allegedly said in Netflix’s documentary Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star that she went to a witch doctor to get the singer out of their lives. Kelly expresses how shocked she was.

She also claims that Senzo’s family never cared about him and that the only thing they were interested in while he was alive was his money.See the source image

The family did not have any affection for Senzo. She made the statement that “they never loved him; for them, he was just a cash cow.” “As soon as Senzo passed away, she mentioned something to me. Do you know what she said? They questioned, “Who would provide for our needs?” You lost your son. I take it the only thing on your mind is turning the food, right? Because he would gamble away all of his money and give it to his loved ones, he would become bankrupt every single month. and I would be the one to take care of him.”See the source image

Formal introductions between Senzo’s family and Thingo, the soccer star’s daughter, have not yet taken place (8). Kelly stated that the outcome of the court case will determine whether or not her kid would ever get to meet Senzo’s family. This statement was made in a recent exclusive interview with eNCA. However, she revealed in the episode that she had no intention of formally introducing her to the family because they had denied her the opportunity to do so when she was a child.

Because they have repeatedly denied that she is Senzo’s daughter, I seriously doubt that she will ever meet the family.