Kelly Khumalo says Senzo Meyiwa still visits her | Who has chats with dead people?

With the ongoing trial, and lots being exposed, Kelly Khumalo attended an interview radio session at Kaya 959. This is were she touched various things about her and Senzo Meyiwa and also what is currently happening.

Firstly, Kelly said that the Senzo Meyiwa case has became entertainment to many, nolonger worrying about people affected.

Kelly Khumalo told presenters that says Senzo Meyiwa still visits her, she still dreams about him and they have chats.


But she seems to lose some comfort after agreeing to still dream about him. Body language seems like he’s actually haunting her. Who has chats with dead people who are resting in peace? Doesn’t make sense.

Right now in court, they are busy with the third witness whom was inside the house when Senzo Meyiwa got killed, and he’s telling his side of story which many people believe that it ia not reality of what had actual happened.


Video credit @KayaON959