” Kelly Khumalo is slowly losing her mind, Senzo’s spirit must be haunting her blind ” – NotBarry

Kelly Khumalo is slowly losing her mind. Senzo Meyiwa’s spirit must be haunting her blind.

In a country where one is innocent till proven otherwise, I can imagine everyone’s reaction “if” she is found not guilty.I sympathise with Kelly because she is also a victim to expectations of the society on how she should react to the matter as if we know how to be in her shoes.



In the Court of a Public Opinion Kelly was persecution & being found guilty longtime ago. Such narrative stems out mainly from those who regarded Kelly as a home wrecker but the real court based on the real evidence shall vindicate her.

” I ask myself if it was Kelly Khumalo who was shot at Senzo Meyiwa’s house, we would be seeing loads of Gender activists calling for the arrest of Senzo and also pushing to have his contract terminated. There is no where a crime is committed in your house and act as if nothing happend. ” – Frayzer

The state must compel everyone who was in the house to talk about what happened to the life of #SenzoMeyiwa particularly Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo if I was you I wouldn’t mention Senzo Meyiwa in any of my commercial interviews until my side is ventilated in the court of law, for you have never stood on the side of those that wanted to get justice for his senseless killing, stop Kelly it’ll do you good to stop.

After Kelly Khumalo said what she did in her press interview… I feel like both defense attorneys should have a sit down and strategize on how they plan on cross examination for when she comes on the stand.