Kelly Khumalo Is Drunk This Morning, See Who She Blames

Singer Kelly Khumalo gave us a glimpse into her disposition this morning, suggesting that this week could be a long and intriguing one.

As it has been noted on multiple occasions, Kelly is just living her life and it has been a while since we saw her tipsy.

Now, thanks to a video that was uploaded this morning, we can all see that Kelly had a wild night the night before. She must have guessed that we’d be curious about what went down, so she gave us the rundown.

Kelly’s Russian accent is a telltale sign that she’s been imbibing a little too heavily, and her audience was left disappointed.

Kelly was still fully cognizant of her words, despite widespread anticipation that she would disclose previously classified information regarding Senzo


Everywhere she went, all she talked about was the party she went to last night, where she apparently partied with rapper Zakwe, on whose next single, Bazokhuluma, Kelly is featured.

The singer is confident that this will be a smash, but it remains to be seen how listeners will react once the song is officially released.

Now, in the video’s opening scene, Kelly blames the rapper Zakwe for her drunkenness the night before, saying that the rapper offered her wine to which she is not accustomed.

She went on and on about how she had to go back to work but she can’t because she has a terrible headache and it’s been a while since she was drunk. Some folks, predictably, didn’t care about Kelly’s night out and instead wanted to know when she would be testifying.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that perhaps Kelly’s drinking stems from the stress she’s under right now as a result of everything that’s happening.

It’s also possible that she was simply excited about the planned collaboration between herself and Zakwe on a song. Kelly has a knack for drawing attention to herself and sparking conversations about whatever it is she’s up to at the moment.

Others have suggested that she take advantage of the situation while she still can, so she may publish again soon.

There are many who worry that her good times may eventually come to an end. I’m curious as to your thoughts on this.