Kelly Khumalo Felt Like Dancing, People Said This About How She Was Dancing, See Here

Well, the video that singer, Kelly Khumalo posted tonight should tell you that no one does it like her, there is actually a good reason why social media is going wild right now.

As you might have seen, the singer gave us a glimpse of what her fans should expect during her show in Tzaneen. And if Kelly is in a good mood to show us some of her moves, then what is stopping her?

Judging by the reactions, it seems like people are excited about the Kelly they saw on her latest video.

This probably reminds some people of the Kelly who used to go all out during performances, but some people were obviously not happy because they assumed that she was over that phase.

One person mentioned that Kelly is a mother of two, but she is busy twerking on social media.



Clearly, people had some expectations, which is strange because surely they cannot expect Kelly not to do certain things when they do not even add value to her brand.

There might be a few disappointed fans, but one can easily tell that a lot of her fans had no problem with the video.

Now, the unfortunate thing is that, there was no sound, people wanted to hear the song that had Kelly so hyped up.

But then, it was not just the song that had her hyped up, she was about to tear Tzaneem apart as she mentioned, so she was excited as she should be.

One can only imagine the reactions on social media tomorrow morning when more and more people watch the video.

The singer will probably get dragged, but it is really no use because social media does not really stop her from doing a lot of things.

It is going to be interesting to go through the comments, getting a sense of what people think, but that is it, this is another trend about Kelly and soon, there will be something else because that is how she is.

Another thing is that, people can expect the video to trend for hours and some people will probably not mind watching it over and over again because of its content, it is enticing.

And it will not be a surprise to see more people paying attention to what she does in general, so this is good for her, it is more of a win than anything, it is definitely not something that she can be embarrassed about.

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