Kelly Khumalo Did Something Strange Right After Senzo Was Killed

Kelly Khumalo is a while talented South African singer that was born and raised in the east of Johannesburg, Davyton it was reported by the podcast and chill a verified YouTube page, that after Senzo Meyiwa died she went straight to consult a witch doctor right at 3 a.m. which was quite not normal.

People believe that his death was a sacrifice for her career to move straight to the top, and have more number one hit records since Senzo was a well-known soocer star.

The people in the pod said that she is a stranger woman will do anything just to keep her name in the limelight, also they said the evidence was tampered with, but funny enough everything points back to the 5 guys that are on trial right now.

Jub-Jubs mother once told his son that Kelly uses traditional medicine and remedies, so that she makes men I’m in love with her without even trying, as the same spell was cast on her son, it was also casted on the star goalkeeper who ended up dying and his murders still not solved.




Senzo Meyiwa’s case has affected his family because a depended on what he brought to the table the money he made and a lifestyle he lived.

It was also reported that she cash to policy which was for life that Kelly and he might have taken out on behalf of the unborn daughter, who has grown now without knowing who her real father is.

Netflix documentary on his life and who killed him still an unsolved mystery, but it opens up a vacuum of questions of what really happened on the night that the invaders came into Kelly’s house.

There’s also been reported that the lawyers of Khumalo I watching this whole thing unfold, more specially the documentary in a court case so they can exonerate her name from the case.