Kelly Khumalo celebrated her baby shower in style yesterday

Kelly Khumalo is a singer and an actress. She is one of the women who can do it all in the entertainment industry.

Kelly Khumalo is living her best life. She is always smiling and happy. I have to say that her pregnancy came with a lot of happiness and blessings. Kelly Khumalo has been through a lot as an artist and a human being, moments like this are changing her life for the better.



Pregnant or not, Kelly keeps on working and securing as many bags as she can. She can be away from. The scene as such as possible. The pictures of the father of her baby have not been seen yet. People are actually not sure if he was there in the baby shower or not, but baby shower are mostly being attended by women only.

She looks like she is ready to give birth anyday. Kelly has received so much support from her friends and family. They are very happy for her that she will be having a baby soon. Kelly has made her pregnancy style so beautiful, she made it fashionable because she has been able to wear anything that she wants. Kelly has not revealed if she is having a baby girl or a baby boy. She already has a boy and a girl.

In my opinion I think she might be having a boy because it will be great for her. The colors that were used as a theme to her baby shower are neutral. This means she doesn’t know the gender of her baby yet.