Kelly Khumalo Breaks Silence And Reacts To What Was Said About Her, See This

After a day of speculation, South African vocalist Kelly Khumalo has finally shared her thoughts.

Adults in South Africa were making fun of the artist because of a defamatory song that was released, even though it served no useful purpose.

Many people in the comments opposed the anti-Kelly sentiments that were expressed there, as you may have observed.




There’s no shortage of opinions about Kelly, but others have argued that things have gotten out of hand far too rapidly.

Despite the fact that many people on social media failed to detect the flaw in the schoolchildren’s song in the popular video, this was further evidence of how shattered we are as a human race.

And that was troubling, given that some individuals go out of their way to teach morals and values to youngsters instead of the contrary.

In spite of the threats, Kelly refused to be discouraged. There’s a good chance she saw the video and decided to speak up.

Anyone who thought the song the kids were singing in the video was funny should take note of this. People that want to kill Kelly are literally killing the futures of their children while they do it.

A video of Kelly’s daughter Thingo reading a book was posted afterward, and it was obvious that this was supposed to send a message to the general public.

Meanwhile, her haters teach their children to sing a song that is disparaging of the woman they despise.

Immediately following this post, she went on to promote her future tour, and she handled the situation flawlessly.