Kelly Khumalo Angers More People On The Day Of Senzo’s Trial, See What She Did

There is really no telling why singer Kelly Khumalo did what she did and the needful thing to do was to question the timing and what she stands to gain by posting a video, showing people that she is working on new music.

Now, this is obviously not just an announcement that she usually makes whenever she is about to release music, it has to do with the late Senzo Meyiwa, hence people are talking about her right now.

Not so long ago, there was a video that was posted on social media where Kelly was with rapper Zakwe and other people, in the video, they are singing the unreleased song.

As one might have expected, the title of the song is a bit controversial in a way, the song is titled, “Bazokhuluma”. Since yesterday, there were a lot of discussions happening, South Africans were talking about Senzo’s murder trial.

And it is quite obvious that Kelly’s name would constantly come up, people still demand to know what Kelly’s alleged involvement in the murder of the goalkeeper was.

Today, the trial resumed and as soon as one logs on social media, they can immediately notice that the story about what could have happened to Senzo is trending.

And because all this is happening, people suspect that Kelly is using the attention to promote her upcoming single.

As soon as people saw the video, they dragged her, people were tagging her, telling her that what she needs to do is to reveal the details of what happened the day Senzo was murdered.



You might know that there were attempts to ensure that Kelly does not get booked, but it may seem like that did not work.

Surely, Kelly is focused on her music career and people must have figured that there was nothing they could do to get her to do what they want, which is to reveal what happened to Senzo.

In the video, Kelly was having fun, working on her single with Zakwe and Mthunzi and some people mentioned how they are disappointed in Zakwe and Mthunzi.

It may seem like there are a lot of people who would love to see Kelly lose everything, they assume that she knows something and the reason she is not saying anything is because she could be guilty of something.

Kelly had the option to just ignore everything, but she did not and this had some people believing that she is affected by what has been happening, it is just that she is trying very hard not to show it.

Already, there are calls for Kelly to be arrested after defense advocate Malesela Teffo, who represents the five accused in the Senzo murder case told the court that the singer should be arrested.

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