Kelly Khumalo and Zandile Khumalo finally confront each other

Kelly Khumalo said Zandie’s significant other, Mhlo Gumede was a rascal that had been cheating cash from show advertisers, utilizing her name. This agitated Zandie and took to Instagram and her “harmful” sister who “needs assistance. However the genuine battle may be begun when Kelly figured out that Zandi who was involved with Longwe, was likewise laying down with Senzo, her man.

“On the off chance that I was separating from my better half perhaps it would have been somewhat simpler and lighter, yet I’m isolating from an individual I have known for my entire life and have shared giggles, torment, energy, and dissatisfaction with all with my sister, In her separation declaration, Zandie said.


The sisters plunked down with a clinician and worked things out. They figured out how to fix things up and relinquish their feelings of resentment. Following quite a while of having pressure, they have at long last plunked down with a clinician and worked things out.

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