Kayise Ngqula opens up about her long time battle with insecurities

Kayise Ngqula took to her social media to share how embracing her scars helped her self-confidence.

The star said she has battled with her insecurities for years and she is happy she’s finally embracing it.

Kayise she used to be too insecure to show off certain parts of her body, but felt liberated when she recently stepped out in a crop top at an event.

“I want to talk about just how emancipated I felt wearing this outfit yesterday after a long battle with insecurities about how to reveal certain parts about my body that I wasn’t comfortable with or didn’t like, particularly my scars.” she wrote.

She also made it known that her deep love for herself has given her the permission to show up in the world as she will like to.

“This newfound and affirming deep love I have for myself has not only given me permission to show up in the world as I’d like to, but it has also automatically given the universe and her people the permission to love me back, just as I am.


“I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to be complimented for just being me. A true testament to the notion that when you love thy self and come as you are, that is exactly what is needed. You are enough!!” Kayise said