Kamo Mphela bought a new car but people are making fun of her after they noticed this about her

Kamogelo Mphela (born November 29, 1999), popularly known as Kamo Mphela, is a South African dancer and singer. She became an internet celebrity after she posted a video of her dancing on her social media account. Her passion for dancing started at an early age, when she accompanied her father who worked at YFM and at events where she would perform on stage and dance which eventually led to her getting more exposure through live performances. She later became popular by posting videos on Instagram where she displayed her dancing skills.[4] Before pursuing her dancing career she had tried acting and had got a chance to be an extra on the TV soap Isibaya, but she later realised that it was not for her and she started performing as a dancer at gigs. Her dancing skills eventually got her the name “Queen of Amapiano”.




In most cases celebrities are always wearing makeup in public so it becomes a problem when people see them without makeup, because they don’t look like the person they are used to seeing on TV and this makes people end up making fun of them.

Like now Musa Khawula took to his social media account and shared a picture of Kamo Mphela at the dealership with a new car she just bought, but instead of saying congratulations to her people started laughing at her and making fun of her after they noticed there was something different about her. Below is the picture shared by Musa Khawula:

After seeing this picture people couldn’t believe it’s her, someone even commented saying Kamo Mphela looks like a man. Though people didn’t say why they were saying they don’t believe that’s Kamo Mphela, but looking at that picture you can see that people are confused by how she looks because she is always on point from dress code to makeup , and they have never seen her without any make-up before that’s new to them.

But there was no need to be so mean, they could have just said congratulations without dragging her that’s one of the reasons why people will never prosper in their lives is because instead of always saying the good things, they always spot the negatives. Like now of all the good things they could have saud they decided to say the negative, I guess that’s the reason why people say social media is toxic.