KaMadonsela From #Imbewu Shows Off Her Gorgeous Body. See Her Pictures Before & After Weight Loss

KaMadonsela From #Imbewu Shows Off Her Gorgeous Body. See Her Pictures Before & After Weight Loss

Source: Fundi Zwane Facebook page

Mzansi were left speechless after seeing recent pictures of Imbewu Actress Fundi Zwane. Mzansi could not help but to gush over her body weight. The actress has lost weight since she left Imbewu. She looking more beautiful than before. Fundi Zwane has been sharing her stories in social media ever since she came out in loosing weight.









Fundi Zwane is living her life. She is enjoying her new weight and she cannot hide it anymore. The South African actress Fundi Zwane popular known KaMadonsela From Imbewu is proud of he new weight and she cannot help but to show her fans how stunning and beautiful she looks.

It’s been long Fundi Zwane has not been in tv. It’s like she has taken a break to focus on her. The actress who recently come back has been serving us with her gorgeous pictures ever since she list weight. Mzansi could not believe that it’s her who were once looking fat and gorgeous at the same time. Many have been misleading by her weight loss.

It’s winter and we all know how many peoole hate the coldness but she happen to love the season as she keeps on playing with nude color palates. The actress recently took it to her social media page where she shows her fans how beautiful she now look. The actress shows her new nails which looks so stunning.

The actress enjoying staying gorgeous with nude blush pink nails which have a hint of color. She is having fun and wild with her new Nails whuch was assisted by Ammy. Check out some of her pictures which left people tunned.

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