KaMadonsela From #Imbewu Shows Off Her Gorgeous Body After Weight Loss. See Her Pictures

KaMadonsela From #Imbewu Shows Off Her Gorgeous Body After Weight Loss. See Her Pictures

Source: Fundi Zwane Facebook page




Fundi Zwane popular known as KaMadonsela in Imbeeu: The Seed has assure her fans that the pod cast is coming soon where she will speaks to her fans and followers about her weight loss journey. Her followers has been asking too many questions about her sudden weight loss without any understanding. She has been posting her recent pictures in her social media page and Mzansi has been asking after looking totally different from the person they know.

Fundi Zwane is a South African actress, poetry, and media personality. She is most famously known by her role of KaMadonsela in Imbewu: The Seed. The actress recently took it to her social media page where she posted a picture of herself after weight loss.

With caption: “What a journey, what an incredible journey” @champagnepapi. I know so many of you have been asking about the weight loss. The pod cast is coming. What I aslo want to acknowledge are the gains:- Deeper understanding of myself gained, Efficiency gained, – Energy gained. I celebrate all of the bodies we choose to be in this season of life. You are all so special and treasured. The battles you fight in private, the wins you celebrate with loved ones, the 2km walks you push through, the nourishment and rating plans KONKE, our bodies are here to serve that.”

The actress is proud of the change she made regarding her life and weight. The Fitness Journey, weight loss, Gains and remaining positive about your body is all that motivated her to remain positive. She has encouraged people to take at least 2km walk each day to remain constant with body weight loss.

Those who have been wondering about her weight loss should take a note that soon she will be speaking about her journey. It’s been a while we have not seen Her in TV, but we hope soon we going to see more of her. Taking good kook when she was still in Imbewu, you will spot the difference between now and back then in Imbewu.